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December 17, 2007
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Avatar: Zuko's Great Idea by SractheNinja Avatar: Zuko's Great Idea by SractheNinja

Let me apologize before-hand. I did this when I was in a sort of...irritated mood and it came through with this whole picture. I hope this doesn't seem cruel. I really don't want to hurt anyone with this picture. It's mostly me venting my shipping frustrations. I'm very sorry if you find this offensive. I hope you can find humor in it.



...Actually no. He really didn't.

Hello everyone. Please allow me to apologize to anyone who gets offended by this. I mean no harm. Only to provide humor for others and an outlet for myself.

While sitting in his new room at the Western Air Temple, Zuko was pondering. And all at once, as if many voices were screaming a singular idea into his head, Zuko got an idea. At last he KNEW how to get the gaang to accept him as one of their own! At last he knew how to gain their approval! It was so obvious! So amazingly simple that it made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! But Zuko knew that these voices must know the right thing to do. Why else would they so adamantly insist that he do it? It MUST make sense somehow! He just didn't understand how yet! Obviously he needed to woo the Water Tribe girl! Surely THAT would show the Avatar just how dedicated he was to the group! SO dedicated, SO wanting their trust, that he was willing to sweep the girl that the Avatar so loved right off her feet and into his, the dashing interlopers arms! And surely her brother would approve! What more could one want in a sibling's significant other than a recently reformed angsty guy who had tracked them all over the world! And that little blind girl! Well she just seemed agreeable ALL around!


That's sarcasm so thick, I could spread it on every piece of an entire loaf of bread. Maybe two.

Yes, as you might guess, I've seen The Western Air Temple. I love the episode. I think this new Zuko is HILARIOUS! He cracks me up! I love the thought of him interacting with the gaang! It's so lovably awkward! I really look forward to it!

Then I'm looking around DA and what do I see but just what I'd expected. Reason after REASON about why Katara's going to start loving Zuko now. Because serious death threats=LOVE :D

I'm sorry, Zutarians. I DON'T SEE IT. AAAAARGH!! I just get far too frustrated sometimes. Seriously. I. So. Swear. If Zutara ACTUALLY happens...I don't even know. It will be the worst plot twist I'll ever have seen. And not because I'm a Kataanger. That would just be bad writing. Bad development. Bad all around. It's far too late in the game for something like that to SUDDENLY happen. I would be furious beyond words. And for that matter, it makes NO SENSE, as I've tried to show here, for Zuko to get together with Katara. That wouldn't bring him and Aang together. That would push them very very far apart. It doesn't work for the plot or for logic. It makes no sense for Zutara to happen. All the firebending sessions with Aang would end up being Aang just trying to KILL Zuko.

I apologize once again. I'm in a mood.

You see, sometimes it just all builds up and I need an outlet. But unfortunately I have very few people I can talk to and let it out. I was online and there was one friend of mine online that watches Avatar. Unfortunately this person has forbidden me venting about shipping to them. You know who you are =_= But seriously I can't blame you. After every episode, I have to rant on and on and on about the same things. And I know it gets very tiring. So I do perfectly understand that. comes out in other things. Things like this. Things that are more...offensive than what I usually post. So again I apologize.

As for the picture itself, I like how things turned out. Tried to put in lots and lots of the problems I have with Zutara. I must give credit to :iconspootay: for some of the ideas and inspiration for this. Her comics are beyond hilarious.

Zuko's new clothes rock. I like him pretty well in the first panel. And the second...hahahah. It's a little different from what I first imagined, but I like it. It's Ranma-inspired.

Anyway, I hope I haven't offended anyone. My views are adamant, but I don't mean to be venomous... I hope that you all can enjoy this and find humor in it.


Avatar © Mike and Brian
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DarkLura Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
This sounds like what fans must think when they write fan fiction with Zuko and Katara xD
lmfao!!!!!!!!!   That is the greatest!  Can't....breath!
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I'll be going now.
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Psyke-Ward Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
His expressions are adorable <3
LeolaTaylor Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
This made me laugh. I love it-- and it doesn't hurt that I agree (with the sarcasm).

Also, your style is quite suited to Zuko. I like it.
NEbode Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist
Smooth Zuko? FACT
89Annita89 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist
Even though I'm a all-out pro Zutarian, I like this image anyway,it's funny. :)
aicing Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012
Mai would turn him into a human pin cushion :')
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