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June 13, 2007
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Irohtsuki Part 2 Page 1 by SractheNinja Irohtsuki Part 2 Page 1 by SractheNinja
Greetings all! Here at last, after too too long a wait, is the second part of my crossover comic, Irohtsuki!

Took me a little bit to start this, but once I did, it was pretty easy to get through it. And it was fun once I got started. It just took a while to get into coloring that thief guy...I dunno, I like how he turned out anyway.

In this new chapter, many of the questions you have will be answered! Why did Iroh join the Akatsuki? How did he come to join them in the first place? Where did Deidara get that snazzy new outfit? All this and more! I plan on this one being longer than the last chapter, and as an added bonus, the whole thing doesn't take place in one room! People actually move around in this chapter! Amazing!

I've had the ideas for this second part for foreeeeever! I imagine I concocted them shortly after the first page or a few of the first part. I always tend to think these things through for a while, up to a certain point. I always end up tweaking details, but a lot remains similar. So what you're going to see are events I've been mulling over, working with, modifying and improving upon for months. I'm enjoying it very much so far and I hope you all do as well!

So this second part begins in the middle of Avatar episode 35, Tales of Ba Sing Se, during the Tale of Iroh. He's just finished his talk with the would-be thief, aspiring to be a massuer, who is walking back into the streets of the city. He thinks to himself that he really is a good guy. He just needed a little help. Then a voice speaks to him from behind, commenting on how it's nice to see that Iroh's as nice as always. Shocked, questioning whether or not it could possibly be who it sounds like, Iroh turns, as the voice comments upon his updated attire. And there, leaning against the wall, stands Deidara, arms crossed, smirking, his own hat overshadowing his features.

I really love how this page turned out. I'm most satisfied with every panel. Looking back at the pages of last chapter, I'm looking forward to having a much better, much more professional style in this part. Not to mention certain characters get an updated nifty new 'Ba Sing Se.' Why should just Avatar characters get to update their images? I'm giving some of my favorite guys from another certain series the chance as well ;) Ba Sing Se's full of opportunities. And corrupt officials and secret police. But let's leave that point for now. Not only does Deidara get new duds, his colors are now anime accurate! Huzzah!

I really do like this page and I hope you all will enjoy it and all the Irohtsuki to come! I'll to my best to make it all as best as I can for you guys! I give you, Irohtsuki: Part 2.


P.S. And for the question, probably on most minds, yes, this does mean I can start work on the next Bleachatar page. I shall do my best to get it out before I leave on vacation for a week, this Friday. :D

Part 1: [link]
Next: [link]

Avatar © Mike and Brian
Naruto © Kishimoto Masashi
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EviL-Ju-ju Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
Wah? Hmm, I never thought of crossing Naruto SHippuden into Avatar. THen again, it's aganist my religion. So I've never done it buuuuuuutt.... I can sneek past the rules on this one. :P
shadowkingqwerty Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
Can i ask what is your religion ?
EviL-Ju-ju Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Oh, I was just joking.  But Im a pagan.  Not much is against my religion. 
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